Our conference program for Dekmantel Ten

Bigger than ever and digging deeper than ever: this is our extended conference program for the 10th edition of Dekmantel Festival! Featuring multiple conference days at Het HEM and Aan Het IJ, which includes Eye Filmmuseum and Tolhuistuin.

This year Dekmantel’s annual music conference touches down at Het HEM on the 27th and 28th of July. Hosted with First Floor’s Shawn Reynaldo, the extensive program includes workshops, talks and panel discussions.

Amongst others, our conference at Het HEM includes a two-day workshop by Kantarion Soundsystem. The Dutch crew will be sharing some of the knowledge they’ve acquired over the years, diving into the finer points of their craft while conducting group listening exercises and providing attendees with tips about how to build and configure soundsystems of their own. London-based stylist, writer and cultural commentator Ayishat Akanbi will share some of the primary tenets of her thought-provoking work and worldview, providing a fresh perspective for those in search of something deeper than the kind of discourse that populates techno Twitter. Panel discussions include talks on the topic of what is dance music meant to be? Amoral, Aurora Halal and Luke Slater, who’ve seen both sides of the debate weigh in, discussing how their own perspectives have evolved over the years and why rigidity may not be the best way to keep the culture moving forward.

Find the complete timetable here:

The conference is free but a reservation is required. RSVP for Dekmantel Conference Het HEM here.

Dekmantel collaborates with Amsterdam’s premier bastion of cinema – the Eye Filmmuseum. On Thursday 1st of August, the internationally renowned cultural institution hosts an expansive programme, screenings and talks on music and film. This year’s itinerary is packed with gems. Encounter composers for the silver screen such as David Lynch’s synth-wizard Johnny Jewel and Nathan Micay, the musician behind the soundtrack of the hit series ‘Industry’. Catch exclusive premieres of new TV shows and documentaries, enriching conversations, and immersive, audiovisual performances by renowned artists.

The event is free and on first come first served basis. Please note the live score with Johnny Jewel is not part of the free program. Tickets can be found through the website of EYE Filmmuseum here.

Resident Advisor and Dekmantel are once again joining forces for an Amsterdam conference day on Thursday, August 1st. Taking place at EYE Filmmuseum and Tolhuistuin, this year’s program includes production workshops with Wata Igarashi and Nadia Struiwigh, a label workshop with Stroom founder Nosedrip, the RA Exchange with Gabrielle Kwarteng, a live conversation with Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic, and a Playing Favourites session with Palms Trax. Lastly, Amsterdam-based DJ, writer, and cultural curator Jasmín will host a workshop in partnership with Doors Open. Speakers include Avril Ceballos (Futura Artist co-founder and agent) and David Cornelissen (Dekmantel booker). Capacity is limited, so be quick to sign up for your program items of choice:

RA x Dekmantel Conference 2024 - Production workshop with Nadia Struiwigh

RA x Dekmantel Conference 2024 - Production workshop with Wata Igarashi

RA x Dekmantel Conference 2024 - Label workshop with STROOM (Nosedrip)

RA x Dekmantel Conference 2024 - How to get a foot in the door of the music industry? Hosted by Jasmín and Doors Open