Why So Serious? w/ Young Marco, JASSS and Toma Kami (panel)

What is dance music meant to be? As pop edits and sounds once considered “tacky” or “mainstream” are increasingly heard in supposedly “underground” spaces, there’s been significant pushback in recent years, with some arguing that dance music is a storied artform whose history and traditions ought to be respected. Others, however, bristle at the idea of “rules,” pointing out that the genre has always been a vehicle for freedom, escape, release and fun. Who’s right? In this panel, three artists who’ve seen both sides of the debate weigh in, discussing how their own perspectives have evolved over the years and why rigidity may not be the best way to keep the culture moving forward.

In collaboration with First Floor & Carhartt

Sunday, 28th of July, 11:30-12:15

Panel Room (moderated by Shawn Reynaldo), Het HEM