Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka is the personification of the word polymath: a photographer, musician, DJ, and founder of the label and music platform Minimal Wave (a now common genre descriptor that she actually coined herself as well). Growing up in the days of pirate broadcasting, Vasicka co-founded New York’s East Village Radio, where she shared long-forgotten gems spanning cold wave, post-punk, industrial, and synth-pop. The enormous response to her digging and collecting work soon led to the birth of the Minimal Wave imprint, its sister label Cititrax, the curation of hundreds of albums, and the Red Bull Radio show ‘This Side of Nowhere,’ to name just a few. As a DJ, Vasicka’s sets range from danceable industrial electronic to cold wave fused with mutant house and underground techno—always telling a story that leads back to the raw origins of Vasicka’s beloved genres.

Friday, 2nd of August

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