Sandwell District Live AV

Rest in Power Silent Servant – 1/3 of Sandwell District, the news of Juan Mendez's recent passing has sent shockwaves through the music community, with many paying homage to his immeasurable influence on industrial-tinged techno. In a testament to his enduring legacy, Sandwell's remaining members – Function and Regis – grace Dekmantel with a newly imagined live AV performance. Equal parts label and production collective, Sandwell District was one of the most important outfits of the late 2000s, and arguably the most intriguing. Specialising in a future-facing but classically informed strain of techno, the outfit flew in the face of the minimal aesthetic prevalent in the era. On albums like 2010's 'Feed Forward' – a recently re-issued cult classic – they embodied a gothic, rebellious sound, aided by Mendez's post-punk-inspired sleeve design, which exuded a brooding militancy.

Saturday, 3rd of August

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