Robert Henke CBM 8032 AV

Electronic music pioneer, Ableton Live co-creator, and audio-visual artist Robert Henke assembles a lineup of restored CBM (Commodore Business Machines) for a mind-melting AV showcase. The performance, which merges contemporary concepts with 40-year-old technology, is an experiment that pushes the limits of what can be achieved with early computers, borrowing from the sci-fi, tech optimism of the 1980s. Despite their limited processing power – the microchip in today’s average domestic washing machine is around 100,000 times more powerful – the machines construct awe-inspiring, psychedelic patterns, swirling Matrix-style streams of code and flickering green images. The sonics generated are sparse but hypnotic – wavering sine waves, clicks, bleeps, and cuts.

Thursday, 1st of August