Real Talk in a Superficial World w/ Ayishat Akanbi (panel)

Ayishat Akanbi is a London-based stylist, writer and cultural commentator, and someone who is startlingly unafraid to engage with even the thorniest of social and political issues. In a time when even complex issues of race, gender, identity and privilege are often debated on algorithm-driven, conflict-incentivizing social media platforms, Akanbi actively seeks to push beyond echo chambers and internet pile-ons, shunning easy buzzwords and surface-level platitudes while prioritizing empathy and the meaningful exchange of ideas. In this conversation, she’ll share some of the primary tenets of her thought-provoking work and worldview, providing a fresh perspective for those in search of something deeper than the kind of discourse that populates techno Twitter.

In collaboration with First Floor & Carhartt

Saturday, 27th of August, 11:30-12:10

Mezzanine (moderated by Samira Ben Messaoud), Het HEM