Olof Dreijer & Diva Cruz

Best known as one-half of the iconic Swedish dance-pop group The Knife, Olof Dreijer made an outstanding debut at Dekmantel 2023, breaking fresh ground on the new Radar Stage. Last year also saw a release with UK label Hessle Audio – the 'Rosa Rugosa' EP is flavoured by many of Dreijer's signature sounds as a DJ: earworm synth-lines and West African-inspired rhythms borrowing from Kuduro, melodic techno, and house. For 2024, he’s joined by Colombian musician and DJ, Diva Cruz. Emerging as the percussionist of the female salsa band Orquesta D`cache, Cruz often incorporates live drums into her mixes, adding a vibrant and dynamic element. Together, the pair have been working on an album, 'Colibri', a luminous record built around their shared love for samba heat.

Sunday, 4th of July