Nosaj Thing & Daito Manabe

Step into a cybernetic universe – a virtual reality where Daito Manabe's algorithmically generated images collide with Nosaj Thing's cosmic sound design. Longtime collaborators, in a live context, the duo's synergy is palpable, reflecting a seamless merging not only of two creative minds but also of the human body and technology, bridging the gap between real and synthetic worlds. With a background in hip hop, Jason Chang (AKA Nosaj Thing) rose to fame off the back of his 2009 album 'Drift.' Connected to the innovative Los Angeles Leisure label, his music draws on hip hop's heavy use of samples and rhythmic potency but glides onwards to airy, softer, and more dream-like places. Meanwhile, Manabe is a multi-talented creator (composer, programmer, designer, DJ and VJ, as well as the founder of the Rhizomatiks studio) whose work reflects on the possible hybrids between man and machine.

Thursday, 1st of August