Jeff Mills

A living legend of heroic proportions, there's a reason why Jeff Mills' nickname is The Wizard. You would be hard-pressed to find any DJ who has operated at his level for so long without losing a step. His career can be read as a storied history of techno itself – before turning 30, Mills had co-founded Underground Resistance in Detroit, moved to New York, playing at the city's leading venues, and signed a recording contract with Berlin institution Tresor. Three decades on and his accomplishments are too many to name, yet Mills has never lost sight of the countercultural roots of techno, championing a relentless pursuit of dive and groove in his stripped-back, almost industrial sets. In the decade that Dekmantel’s been in existence, he’s been a consistent source of inspiration. For our birthday edition, Mills will have an extra special, seat-of-honour slot: Watch this space!