How to get a foot in the door of the music industry? Hosted by Jasmín and Doors Open (workshop)

A workshop on where to get started or shape your career for your dream job in electronic music, hosted by Amsterdam-based DJ, writer, and cultural curator Jasmín in partnership with Doors Open, electronic music's first jobs board. This workshop is free to attend and is intended for anyone interested in working in the music industry. It will focus on the following areas:

- Demystifying jobs in the electronic music scene
- Key insights from industry professionals
- How to start building your experience and resume
- Discover how electronic music organisations are structured
- Get a chance to ask one-on-one questions to someone in the role you're aspiring to

Jasmín Hoek
David Cornelissen (Dekmantel booker)
Amy Van-Baaren (Resident Advisor Chief Culture & Impact Officer / Doors Open)

If you'd like to attend, please register here before Friday July 19th.

This workshop is in collaboration with Resident Advisor.

Thursday, 1st of August, 13:00-14:30
Tolhuistuin, Aan 't IJ