Free Party: A Folk History (screening)

Meet Spiral Tribe – a free party soundsystem and travelling troupe of anti-authoritarian ravers hell-bent on challenging the status quo. In the 1990s, the group – branded ‘techno pagans’ by the British government – fought against the draconian Criminal Justice Bill, which forbade the public playing of music with "repetitive beats". Narrating the collective's legacy – alongside the untold stories of many other pioneering organisers, DJs, and dancers – 'Free Party: A Folk History' (Trinder Films, 2023) is a major new, independent documentary. Following the screening, catch Spiral Tribe co-founder and author of 'A Darker Electricity' (2023) in conversation with El Bickers.

Thursday, 1st of August, 17:30-20:30
Eye film museum, Aan 't IJ