Elijah: “If You Love Music, You Should Learn How to DJ” (talk)

Does the world need more DJs? Elijah thinks so, and in a talk that builds upon one of the most hotly debated posts from his ongoing Yellow Squares project, the Butterz co-founder and grime veteran reconsiders the idea of what a DJ is in 2024, rejecting notions that the status quo is “broken” while examining how we all engage with music in today’s cultural and technological landscape. Will everyone agree with what he has to say? Definitely not, which is why this event will also include a Q&A in which audience members can share their thoughts and the discussion can continue.

In collaboration with First Floor & Carhartt

Sunday, 28th of July, 12:30-13:30

Mezzanine (moderated by Samira Ben Messaoud), Het HEM