DJ Stingray 313

A pioneer of the gritty and futuristic genre of electro, it’s tough to overstate Stringray's influence. The Urban Tribe founder and Drexciya associate is part of the sound’s evolution as much as a living piece of Detroit history. In his hands, music from the faster realms of trap, grime, footwork, junglist beats and bass-heavy tekno finds a way into the mainframe, melted down and spat out as a perfect component to the sharp drums, zapping synths, and moodiness of core electro. Over the years, Dekmantel has been graced by numerous unforgettable appearances by Stringray. From last year's bucket list live performance to his seismic b2b with Helena Hauf all the way back in 2016, each showcase has left us clamouring for more. For 2024, we've got something extra special lined-up – an after-hours appearance by the masked man himself at LOFI.

Saturday, 3rd of August

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