A multidisciplinary artist and musician by trade, Courtesy is fascinated by the transcendent space of the dancefloor. Invariably high-energy affairs, she is renowned for her idiosyncratic DJ sets, blending house, pop and hardcore. Always a consistent presence, however, is trance. From the melodic euphoria of Orbital's ‘Halcyon On and On’ to the mesmerising piano riffs of Planet Perfecto’s ‘Not Over Yet 99’, her penchant lies with timeless, iconic songs from the genre's late 1990s and early 2000s heydays. Her most recent record, 'fra eufori', self-released on her Kulør imprint in 2023, is a love letter to this epoch, re-imagining trance classics with the help of an all-star cast including Erika de Casier, August Rosenbaum and Lyra Pramuk.

Saturday, 3rd of August

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