Behind the Scenes: Nosaj Thing x Daito Manabe (interview)

Los Angeles beatmaker Nosaj Thing and Japanese multimedia artist Daito Manabe have been working together in various capacities for more than a decade. At this year’s Dekmantel festival, however, that collaboration will take a new form, with the two artists debuting a new live AV performance they’ve created completely from scratch. (On previous tours, Manabe would use his programming prowess to animate static 2-D images that other designers had provided.) Ahead of that performance, the two artists will sit down to discuss their latest venture, the evolution of their working relationship and the importance of visuals in modern electronic music.

In collaboration with First Floor & Carhartt

Saturday, 27th of July, 12:10-12:55
Mezzanine (moderated by Samira Ben Messaoud), Het HEM