Alex Kassian Live

Performing for the first time in the Netherlands, the emotional intensity of trance converges with synth-pop in Alex Kassian’s music. Envision lush, roving melodies, cascading beats, and operatic voices emanating from an ethereal realm. These elements might seem overwhelming in theory, yet Kassian handles them with delicate restraint, landing somewhere between 1990s Italian dream house and full-on Goan trance. Born in Japan and now based in Berlin, where he splits his time equally between DJing, producing, and astral projection, Kassian is associated with Paramida's Love on the Rocks label and Alex Bradley’s Utopia Records. Together with Hiroaki OBA, he is also one half of Opal Sunn, who have operated their own imprint Planet Sundae since 2017.

Sunday, 28th of July

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