Adrian Sherwood

To describe Adrian Sherwood as a 'dub aficionado' simply doesn't do the man justice. For more than three decades, he's been obsessed with all things dub and reggae, as well as post-punk, industrial, bass, and experimental styles – in other words, any kind of music that's drenched in a lot of reverb and delay. The founder of the cult and fiercely independent On-U Sound label, he has brought international attention to artists such as Tackhead, New Age Steppers, Gary Clail, African Headcharge, Dub Syndicate, and Creation Rebel. Touting the fantastic tagline, 'disturbing the comfortable, comforting the disturbed', On-U not only reaches backwards into the past, unearthing hidden underground treasures, but also reaches forward into the unfolding future of the avant-garde.

Sunday, 4th of August

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